[Waukesha County, Wisc?] Common Sense Wisconsin knows the 2021-23 State Budget, which will pass the legislature this week, would have been a big-government disaster if Tony Evers? liberal slap shots had not been thwarted by Republican legislative goalies.

“Lawmakers will rightly tout the good things the new state budget does,” said Common Sense Executive Director Joe Handrick. “They also deserve credit for blocking a number of really bad ideas put forth by Tony Evers. They played great defense on behalf of the taxpayers of Wisconsin.”

Five Evers Shots Rejected by Legislative Goalies

  • Increasing spending by $8 billion1
  • Increasing taxes by $1 billion2
  • Weakening voting integrity laws3
  • Eliminating the work requirement for able-bodied adults on welfare4
  • Repealing laws designed to stop unemployment fraud5

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